A more flexible method of appointment scheduling

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Appointmind

Appointmind is a multi function, appointment schedule application that is designed specifically for small businesses and allows customers to book their own appointments. Rather than tying up one of your staff members by having them answering phone calls and email messages requesting appointments all day, this SaaS app lets customers choose their own appointment time. Whats more, they can do it from wherever they are and whenever they feel like it - day or night. This comes in particularly handy when you are the sole proprietor who wants to concentrate on your customers rather than answering the phone every five minutes.   FeedMyApp has reviewed several scheduling applications over the last few years including Schedulista and BookAppo and Appointmind is another very worthy contender. The app is aimed at small businesses like contracting companies, financial advisers, photographers, swimming instructors, physicians and massage workers, consultants and other service providers who don't want to spend their working hours on the phone. It’s much better to be spending that time serving and treating people rather than writing down and changing appointments. With Apponitmind, customers can select and schedule their appointments around the clock from wherever they are. This is great for customers who are out and about and also means that the service provider isn't tied to the office. Many businesses operate almost exclusively from the road and Appointmind is versatile and flexible enough to let you easily access your appointments and customer data online when on the go. The software is also suitable for administrative purposes or as a reservation tool for company conference rooms where staff members can reserve the facilities conveniently over the intranet.   Its a shame that more small businesses don't pay attention to the growing number of great apps to make their working life easier. You could just pick up the phone when someone calls to make an appointment and excuse yourself from a client when it rings...but these days, that isn’t very professional. At under three bucks a week, Appointmind isn't exactly going to break the bank and proves itself to be a very cost effective set of tools to keep the small business person concentrating on customers rather than emails and phone calls. It's simple to use and website visitors can easily check available times and choose accordingly meaning a much smoother appointment schedule.


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