Snappy appointment bookings for service providers

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: SnapAppointments

It’s all very good having a bulging appointments diary sitting on your desk but imagine how much wasted time has been spent by actually writing the details down and entering them from a telephone call. On top of that unless you sit down and manually examine the historic information in it you’ll never know the finer points of things such as customer trends, peak hours and downtime.

Snap Appointments is an online booking app for service providers but it does a whole lot more than just that. Get rid of the dog-eared desk diary and get organized so that your customers can book an appointment 24/7 whether you’re on the other end of a telephone line or not. In addition, get your customer details into a proper database and add useful notes and comments.

The booking system will make life a lot easier with customers able to see availability on a diary and make their appointment accordingly. With access available to all that need it means work schedules will become a breeze to monitor. Automated reminders to customers will also reduce annoying and money losing no shows.

The system is capable of handling the smallest of businesses right up to multi-location companies with a high staff count and plans are priced accordingly.

From a marketing aspect this has a lot going for it too. You can build a landing page to appear on the app’s directory giving a brief profile and some appropriate customer reviews. You can also add or embed the booking button directly on to your own website if you have one.

The name of this app really does disguise a lot of functions and in my opinion it becomes a fully rounded business tool with the addition of the reporting feature. With the ability to see at a glance how the business is doing via charts and graphs and highlight busy and slack times it becomes possible for businesses to either pull back or throw in more resources at given times. 


The old desk diary would struggle to give you this sort of capability. Sign up for an appointments package and with it comes a marketing boost and some meaningful statistics to properly plan for the future of your business.



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