GPS rangefinder for golfers

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: AccelGolf

If you’re getting a little frustrated about your inability to gauge distances on the golf course, and before you hurl that pesky five-iron into the nearest water hazard, you might want to check this one out. The swing and pray method, although not very Tiger Woods, might be sufficient for the casual golfer who sees the occasional round as more of a nice walk often ruined. For the earnest golfers out there however, the sickening splash that confirms their choice of club was one short can often send them straight to the analyst’s chair.

OK I might be over-egging the effects of a poor round but let’s face it how many of us have not witnessed the tantrums of a golfer who thinks they’re better than they actually are?

So, let’s give them even less excuses for landing in the trees with AccelGolf, a mobile app that comes with a lot more than GPS rangefinder. I’m not sure what the R&A rules are about the use of mobile phones on golf courses, I got a filthy look the last time mine went off as a crusty old member lined up his putt, but I’m sure this one takes that into account.

The GPS system will allow you to calculate yardage and as the site itself says, impress your friends with your new found ability to set up shots. What might not impress them so much though is the fact that the digital golf bag function lets you enter the performance of each club. Imagine having to wait for your partner to enter those details as well as marking his card, it could take a while to get to the next tee! This function will also recommend club changes by the way.

The app covers over 20,000 courses in over sixty countries so for the travelling golfer it could prove invaluable. For the rest of us, the phrase "well, I never knew that bunker was there" will I’m afraid be part of our vocabulary for a while longer yet.


There is no scarier sportsperson than the serious amateur club golfer. If this makes them any less scary then I think it should be compulsory! 


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