The Best Way To Organize Your Movies

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: My Movies Collection

Let's face it, we're a disorganized race aren't we? My fridge is festooned at the moment with little colored post-it notes saying so and so has borrowed a DVD from my collection. Apart from being an excellent movie library My Movies Collection allow the user to log in and out DVD's to any of your friends. So that obscure Cassavetes film that you taped off the TV will not be lost to the maelstrom of your friend's collections after all.My Movies Collection is a free movie and tv show library app that let's you create your very own database of titles. It doesn't matter what format they are in, whether it's Blu-Ray, DVD, digital or even ye olde videos, it's simple, easy and very convenient to catalogue them with their own cat # so you can put your finger on the one you want when you want it. You can even create a wish list of films you want to see and even share it with your friends. Maybe one of them will have a copy of the film you want to see in their own collection. Bonus! You can even integrate with your Facebook and Twitter accounts so that you can log in and wall post when you see or add a movie.

ConclusionEveryone needs help with their DVD collections. There are a few movie organizers on the app market but My Movie Collection is as good if not better than most. The ability to share your collection with friends also means you won't get duplicates of DVD's on your birthday next year. Something that's always difficult to deal with when returning that copy of The Hangover to your aged Aunt.


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