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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Lexim

Up until now, eLearning software has generally been in the hands of large institutions and only available at a pretty hefty price. Lexim bucks that trend with this cloud-based education application for all teachers to place their sources online. it allows free use by teachers who can get started in minutes and teach the course immediately. Courses have been designed for high education and K-12 schools and aims to help students get the most out of their education by creating a better and more effective teaching environment.   Lexim is a cloud based platform for teachers that lets them deliver their courses online. eLearning software has typically only been enterprise software and available only to large institutions with bank balances to match. Lexim, on the other hand,  is available to all teachers regardless of which system has been centrally adopted by their institution. Lexim’s free plan has been a huge success amongst teachers and is a great way for teachers to get started. It allows up to 100 enrolled students and 500Mb of storage for content. Just click a button and start writing! Lexim’s rich content editor makes it simple to create great new content. As it uses a familiar interface, your students will see your content exactly the same way as it appears on your screen as you type. There is no need to mess around with strange formatting or mark-up languages as you can just use the rich formatting controls at your fingertips. If you have already invested a lot of time in creating quality teaching materials elsewhere you don't have to let it go to waste as Lexim’s intuitive file upload tool makes it quick and easy to get everything into your teaching space and in front of your students. Add external content like YouTube into your teaching with a simple tool to add content to your files bringing  your material to life. Content can be shared between multiple learning spaces and you can easily browse and import content from the library, making it easy to re-use materials between spaces. However, material is only available to students when you say so and you can turn the visibility on or off at any time.   As you can see, Lexim is a pretty impressive education eLearning application that has already been endorsed by prestigious learning establishments like Cambridge University in England and Monash University in Australia. I have to admit that when I first looked at the app I immediately went to the pricing section to see what the charges were because fees for this sort of a service are often extreme but got a very pleasant surprise to see that it is free for establishments of under 100 people. There are paid actions for larger groups of students but they must still be considered as a cost efficient eLearning option. Lexim is an excellent and constantly surprisingly detailed app that is filled with excellent extra features to enhance the teaching experience.


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