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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: BattleGrid

There are literally millions of people that play games online these days. If you are one of them you'll appreciate that the gaming experience is so much better when you can find cool, like-minded people to play with. BattleGrid is a social game tool thatlet's you find similar-minded gaming folk securely and quickly whether they be your ally or your feared nemesis.     BattleGrid is a place to find like-minded gamers securely and quickly be them friend or foe by analysing other players and measures their likeness against yours. So how does BattleGrid find your potential foes? There are many ways but its intuitive engine analyses your location and timezone, your preferred language, the times you find best for playing, your playing style, the genres you like,  the games you like, the games you are currently playing and your current level of game skill to match you against a worthy opponent. If you don't like the players the BattleGrid is sourcing for you you  can perform your own searches and find players that share your favourite games, play the games you are or are in close proximity to yourself. BattleGrid protects your anonymity by providing you with a membership number when you join up. Such things as your address or your login details are never shown to other users. You are also allocated a best suited title and avatar based on the details you have entered. Every member can create their own clan. Just like player likeness, every member is measured against each clan on a like-by-like basis to ensure the best suited clan is found.  

ConclusionThe whole online gaming scene is quite fanatical that's for sure. Many people build their lives around them. If you are going to invest that much time into it, though, you may as well enhance the experience by choosing your gaming partners and foe based on knowledge and skill. There's no fun in playing games against a player either vastly more experienced or inexperienced. It doesn't quite cut the mustard when you are obliterated in the first half an hour. So it is convenient and much more interesting to have BattleGrid find you similar opponents. Alternatively, you can search for people that live close to you for a more neighborly approach. This simple and clever free game tool will definitely enhance your gaming experience.


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