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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: HelloWallet

It’s refreshing to come across a website tackling the issue of corporate social responsibility and seems to be doing just that. In recognising that a large percentage of the countries workers have little or no access to decent financial advice they aim to put it right with the help of the very people they work for.

The site is adopting a two-front approach to the financial behaviour patterns of workers traditionally reluctant to embrace any sort of financial planning, many of whom consider that they don’t have enough spare cash to plan for anything  anyway.

The product, mainly rolled out through employers as a work based benefit, will provide all the tools necessary for workers to budget, reduce debt and identify savings that can be utilised for the crucial matter of retirement planning. The figures showing how far behind the required level of retirement funding the countries workers are should be enough to convince the hardest cynic to wake up and smell the coffee.

With some serious backing and a structure completely free from any bank or financial institution the site can provide impartial financial advice to those who have traditionally been suspicious of such companies. Illustrations of return rates obtainable from the amounts identified as potential savings are shown along with suggestions on where to invest it.

Whilst is available for individual use at $8.95 a month it seems a far better proposition when provided by employers. Those signing up will be kept up to date with quarterly reports outlining just how this benefit is impacting on the lives and future wellbeing of their workforce.

ConclusionIt’s probably now more important than ever to plan for retirement and a site that can promote a positive attitude towards it will benefit everyone.


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