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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Lead Zeppelin

If your business still relies on handwritten telephone notes for recording new enquiries then the chances are you’re missing out on quite a few opportunities. Add to that the fact that every note needs recording and then most importantly followed up and you can probably begin to see the picture.

Lead Zeppelin is a good looking app with great features that lets you not only record new business leads but also makes sure they are dealt with in the most efficient way possible by letting you filter them into status and urgency.

You can give shared access to members of your team so as soon as a lead comes in it can be delegated if necessary. You can also add tasks to it to make sure it goes through the stages and track it all the way to a successful close. Any important documents can be attached to a lead meaning that you’ll always have the right stuff in the right place and won’t have to go hunting around for that sketch or proposal again.

The system can also be linked to your own website where forms can be set up for each landing page. Customer information entered will feed directly into the app making sure you capture every possible lead opportunity.

There is a free version available however it does restrict you to one user and one active lead which to be honest is manageable under the "old system". For two users and 10 active deals you’ll pay $24 a month but if your business is flying and you need to be looking at unlimited deal numbers it will cost you $49 a month.

It could be a small price to pay for getting those vital sales opportunities properly organized.

ConclusionThis has a good look to it with simple functionality belying some very good flexibility and thorough workflow capability. It should help any new business team get their act together.

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