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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Cloudbot

We all have heaps of apps tucked away within the various devices we use but rarely they work in conjunction with each other. We have social networking apps for keeping in touch with friends, file-storing apps for keeping and protecting our important data, apps for storing our photos and messages and apps to help you explore the outside world. Cloudbot let's you tear down the walls that separate these tools and present them all in one place so they can interact with each other     Cloudbot is a mobile tool for your iPhone that goes some way to simplifying the way we interact with our apps. Each of us uses apps that enhance and simplify our lives whether it is to communicate with friends on Facebook, Twitter or your email, store our files and data in Dropbox and Google Docs, share experiences on Flickr and Instagram or to explore on apps like Foursquare. All of these apps generate data that is stored in each of these services and walled off from other apps. Cloudbot tears down these walls and allows you to use and share this data across these services all in one app allowing you to seemlessely interact with your data and use it to enhance experiences online and offline.

ConclusionCloudbot is an iPhone tool that simplifies the way you interact with your apps by gathering them all together under one roof and allowing them to interact with each other. It does seem rather silly that each app that you use on a regularl basis works totally independently to all your other apps and has to be accessed individually each time you want to use it. Cloudbot couldnt be easier to use and navigate and is totally free if you are quick. If you are looking for a little organization and interaction between your apps you should have a look here.


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