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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: GameMaki

Is it a game? Is it a challenge? GameMaki is a bit of both yet different to other similar social networking game tools. Full of fun and excitement GameMaki turns your computer into a world of games and exploration and rewards you for visiting. You can challenge your friends by suggesting cool things for them that they wouldn't normally think of doing. That's where you can group those challenges into your very own Maki game.   GameMaki is all about sharing and discovering new activities to do or places to check out. These suggestions become challenges on GameMaki. Challenge your friends by suggesting activities for them. If you really have a sadistic streak in you maybe you could suggest a vegetarian eat a burger or a friend who has a fear of dogs could be a dog walker for an hour or two. If you wanted to be a little less harsh you could suggest trying a particular cocktail at a new restaurant. It's totally up to you as long as it's fun. At the same time, discover new activities and experiences by doing challenges on GameMaki. Share your experiences through photos and comments, and claim points for completing challenges to earn achievement badges and other rewards.

ConclusionGameMaki is a very colorful and fun social networking challenge game that can keep you amused for ages if you have like minded friends. I can almost see it turning into a bit of a cult. Let's hope it doesn't end up on the front page of the paper if someone suggests something silly. So keep it fun and you will have lots of it. It's easy to play and free too

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