What would you buy if money was no option?

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Most Expensive

What would you buy if you won the lottery, i wonder. They reckon that most lottery winners spend everything they win in the first five years and, I can only assume, that they spend all their money in Most Expensive. Here is a fun entertainment app that brings out the Paris Hilton in all of us. It's a fantasy shopping app (well, I guess the fantasy depends on how much money you have in the bank) that let's you search and find some of the most expensive items that money can buy - assuming you have the dosh, of course.   If you've ever been to Vegas you'll have noticed all the ritzy shops dotted around the outside of the casinos wherever you go. If you've just won a little cash you might feel tempted to pick something up for yourself or your partner or even the badly dressed woman you just met when you cashed in your winnings, maybe. Most Expensive is the app equivalent of those shops and gives you a fun shot at checking out some of the most expensive items out there. Search for the most expensive things to buy and view thousands of photos of great bling. They have gathered ratings of the top-priced things of different types around the world for your pleasure, enabling you to transfer yourself to the world of richness and become Paris Hilton or Donald Trump for a day. Items feature a fact sheet and information about them and you can discover why the items are so costly and decide if they are worth it.   Is Most Expensive silly? You bet it is. You think it's fun? Oh yes it certainly is. More than you could possibly imagine. We all like to see how the other half lives and Most Expensive is a window into that world and allows you to search and find wildly expensive stuff from around the globe. You don't have to buy the stuff, either. It's a little like window shopping down Rodeo Drive and we all know certain people who just love to do that, don't we? So, put away your wallet and credit cards and have fun with this 'money is no option' iPhone app.


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