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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: LocAlerts

LocAlerts is a damned good geolocation based reminder board that would be absolutely brilliant for a road trip or a holiday away. Keep this search and reminder tool on your iPad or your iPhone and it will give you the perfect way to research your trip as well as giving you the ability to add stuff as you go.  So its easy to note down a virtual to-do list before you go and add details like addresses and phone numbers of friends and sights and any other stuff that you need to make a note of along the way. And hey, if you really wanna get fancy, you can use the audio pack which provides voice recordings and playback so that you don't even have to type in your details as you motor along.   LocAlerts™ is a geolocation-based reminder system that allows you to quickly add reminders based on the user's location. Think of it as a to-do list that you don't have to remember to check off. Just simply drop a map pin, add any specific details to it if you wish and you're done. It's a simple and intuitive local alerts application that really works.  LocAlerts™ has many more features and is much more user friendly than other apps available, especially the iOS Reminders app. Simply create your location area from Google Maps and nail it with a drop pin. you can easily access Google Search, add your iPhone contacts and any other address manually. Use the touch and drag alert area on your map to broaden it when you get alerted - maybe when you are coming up to a town that you want to visit. LocAlerts is very customizable and,as i mentioned before, there is an audio pack which provides voice recording and playback so that you don't even have to type in your details!   LocAlerts would be a brilliant addition to your road trip experience but it could also just as easily be used in a business sense to log your on road appointments. This geolocation-based reminder system is perfect to have on your iPhone or iPad as an early warning system to let you know where you are on your journey. It will deliver the things you want to see and people you want to visit and give you. Enough time to prepare for them. So if it's your parent-in-law you will have plenty of time to prepare yourself for the visit. You won't have to think about it, you won't have to keep checking lists and you won't miss that highway turn off to the hills.


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