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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Blinkdash

Yadda yadda - another gizmo browser start page....but, errrr, hang on....this one is....errrr....quite good actually! 


I am not usually one for things that want to fiddle with my basic 'starting window' into the internet, but I took a look at this whilst uploading the app onto our site and I like it!

The interface is simple and very flexible. From changing the colour scheme to adding new links, search engines etc. It is all there to fiddle with!


Now, why would you want to have all your "stuff" in one basket? Well,  that's what I thought...but then I looked further and thought, yeah, this makes sense. It isn't thrusting ads at me, it isn't trying to get me to watch videos and it really does simplify my browser experience. There is no need to have numerous tabs open for that quick 10 minute browse can check all your favourite sites from one portal :-)


The simplicity of Blinkdash is also one of it's charms - for example, the comments in the edit interface are obviously made by a dedicated and keen programmer...not some glossy corporation with their hand already halfway into your pocket.


You can even change the colour of your page - I set mine to "Inferno Red", which, pictured below, is one of five options for a colour scheme along with classic silver (the default), surf blue, mint green, desert sands and dark metal.



Notice I managed to get TWO plugs for into the screenshot above - the first person to spot both of them wins nothing at all :-)


There is good help and support for setting it up to suit you and it covers most mainstream browsers. 


This does a good job of simplifying your browsing experience in a way that just "feels good"!




If you want a simple, uncluttered and efficient browser start page, then Blinkdash is a good bet. It remains to be seen if I stick with it, but for now I am liking Blinkdash.

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