Find new leads for your sales team that other apps wont give you

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Leadfeeder

You have to make the most of your chances when they crop up in this cutthroat world of ours. Certainly in the business world, if you don't get your foot in the door when it is left ajar, it will be slammed in your face and someone else will grab the initiative...and your customers too. And so it goes for Internet marketing. There are so many potential customers out there and we work damned hard on our websites to make visitors want to join up and spend money. The only trouble is, many will peruse your website but won't go that step further and sign up with you or leave you their contact info. Leadfeeder is a rather clever analytics and Internet marketing application for business that shows you which other businesses have taken the trouble to visit your website and what they are looking at when they get there. Pass that information on to your sales team and they have a whole new area of leads to follow up on.   All salespeople will tell you that generating good sales leads is one of the hardest parts of selling. But, while the internet offers the opportunity to make contact with millions of potential customers who may be browsing your website, most of them often leave before they leave you their contact information. Leadfeeder is a customizable, business to business app that teaches you more about your website visitors and helps you convert promising visitors into sales leads. Not only does it show you which companies visit your website but also, what interests them when they get there. Click on one of the companies and you'll see which pages they loaded -page by page - and details of how they found you in the first place. Once you see an interesting lead, you can email it to your sales team or send it straight to your CRM. Then you can simply connect it to your Google Analytics using the API and you'll be fetching data from your website visitors in minutes.   Some might say that Google Analytics is good enough to handle website analysis but, in truth, GA is more of a marketing tool than one that helps your sales force follow up on new leads. Sure, it will give you a list of company ISPs who have visited your site but it won't let you click on them to view the visit details as Leadfeeder does. Leadfeeder also filters the results to only give you relevant business leads. It features good but simple collaborative opportunities and marketers can assign, email and follow up on interesting leads as well as leaving comments for other team members. There's nothing too complicated about Leadfeeder and you certainly won't need a degree in marketing or coding to operate it. Just sign up, connect Google Analytics and you are away.


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