A weather app that is more than special

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Idol Forecast

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I don't usually take a whole heap of notice of weather apps, to be honest. I mean, they are literally only going to tell you a few things. How hot or cold it is, whether there is some form of precipitation and how windy it is. There's not a whole lot more you need to know. But occasionally, an app comes along that transcends basic information because of its sheer beauty and Idol Forecast is one of those. It is a customizable weather app for iOS that features the most glorious 'Disney-quality' animated graphics that change as the weather changes. It's one weather app that I will be more than happy to have on my tablet.   Most weather applications currently available are simply boring templates that provide nothing to the user beyond simple metrics and statistics but this is a weather app that is totally different from the others and actually manages to enrich the user experience. Idol Forecast is a beautifully designed weather app that reshapes the way users experience their daily weather forecast. What really makes the difference here is the absolutely stunning interface design that reacts to current weather conditions. It also features a very cool, ambient sound design to further enhance the richness of the user experience. The app also features unique tailored themes and a customizable user interface which shows the weather in morning, daytime, evening and nighttime as well as different types of precipitation. It also features a few hidden interactive extra features that you might just have to hunt for. Idol Forecast gives you the ability to forecast the weather up to eight days in advance with simultaneous tracking and weather records for up to three different locations.   While we are not going to get too carried away with our liking for this weather app I can say for certain that it is certainly one of the nicest looking apps that I've seen in a long while. It does all the obvious things like giving you the outside temperatures in Celcius and Fahrenheit at various customized locations and letting you know whether it is clear, raining or snowing out there. Nothing unusual there in a weather app, you might say. But Idol Forecast is different in that it presents the information in such a damned beautiful way. This iPhone and iPad app looks truly gorgeous and, if I put one weather app on my iPad then this one will be my app of choice.


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