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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Plan2biz

Anyone will tell you that if you want your business idea to be taken seriously then you’ll need a professional looking business plan. That’s great advice but where do you go to actually get the thing written without incurring the costs of an accountant or consultant? might provide the answer with its free online tool designed to get your business plan not only looking great but actually containing factual and meaningful information, even down to the scary numbers!

Sign up for a free account alone or include any other members of your team who can work on different parts of the plan. Pooling skills and time will get the plan done more quickly and ensure it isn’t written from just one perspective.

The fun starts by selecting from a number of templates that range from standard to professional and all differ in respect of the volume of content. You can even start with a completely blank page and decide on your own sections.

The advice function is probably the gold nugget in the toolkit and advice is available on what should go in various sections from the executive summary, product description and management team to future developments, marketing strategy and financials.

Anyone panicking at the word financials will find the next bit very comforting. This section contains an excel income statement template which can be downloaded and completed ready for inclusion in the final plan. Remember, you’re not expected to be an accountant but as long as you have a handle on what you expect to sell and what your basic costs are likely to be you’ll get a believable document.

With ready to use templates and advice all along the way you might even begin to enjoy writing a business plan.

ConclusionThis could be the answer to many a start-up owner’s dreams and make a difference in finding support in a number of areas.


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