Watch all your photos/videos and photos/videos of your friends on one place

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Video Player and Photo Viewer for Facebook

Considering all the interesting gadgets we get to play with on Facebook I'm kind of surprised that they haven't done this themselves. With  Facebook Photo Viewer and Facebook Video Player you can watch all the photos of you and your friends in one place. Not only that but you can watch all the clips you or your friends shared on Facebook quickly and without any browsing, no matter of the date you posted the clip .   This Facebook photo and video sharing tool eliminates the necessity to enter profiles to find the photos and videos you are looking for...and you can do it with just one click. Photos can be sorted in lots of different ways so you can easily sort by your friends' names or maybe album titles or even all the photos you are tagged in. You can see who makes the most 'like' clicks on the photos or even who makes the most comments. The video player has a lot of functions but it's main one is that it enables all the great video clips you hunted out and shared on your Facebook home page to be played here in one place without the constant scrolling that you'd have to do there. It's fast and it's free.

ConclusionI must admit that there have been plenty of times I've wanted to do this. To organize all those Facebook photos and the clever and witty videos I've plucked from obscurity into the one place to make life easier and neater. I really am surprised that Facebook haven't infiltrated this social networking sharing tool into their own system. It looks great, it's fast and it's free.


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