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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Prot-On

There has been a lot of talk about Internet security and the protection of material and files lately. You only have to look on Facebook over the last few weeks to see a little bit of paranoia creeping into people's lives with countless 'protection of rights' messages being posted. Many from people who should know better because the only way you can have a hope of protecting your Facebook posted material is by changing all your settings to friends only. But it highlights the concern people have with the neverending problem of who gets to see your work. Prot-0n is a new free security application that protects your private files, photos, text and emails - but not by saving them and locking them away somewhere. The difference with Prot-On is that it locks and stores your keys and permission rights and it does it all from your mobile.   Prot-On allows you to protect and manage the files you share and decide just who can access their content while also allowing you to constantly track who, how and when people are accessing your protected material. You can protect your photos, texts, office and PDF documents, blog posts and emails whether they are in the cloud, in other phones, computers or other storage devices and control everything from your mobile phone. You can even protect your Dropbox, SkyDrive and social networks material if they are stored in the cloud. This clever and easy to use set of tools lets you track any existing copies of your work at any time and wherever they may be. Prot-On is a simple, intuitive and convenient way to share your files safely. Its user-friendliness allows you to change permissions after the files have been distributed as well as restricting access to users at any time and blocking documents that have already been shared. The big advantage of Prot-On over similar apps is that this one lets you decide where you store your files and how you want to share them with others. It offers protection by providing the tools that protect the way people can access those files.   The thing that I like most about Prot-On, apart from its simplicity of use, is that it allows you to change your mind. With many security apps, once you have sent an email there's not a lot you can do about it. But with this one you can withdraw permissions after you've sent it. So if you sent someone a message when you were at your lowest ebb and regret it afterwards it is now possible to withdraw access to it immediately. That could save a lot of embarrassment around the office. Prot-On is totally free for the regular home user and also provides a premium service with advanced functionality for professionals and organizations.

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