A unique project management system that you can add to as you go

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: GlobiFlow for Podio

Just in case you aren't aware, Podio is a cloud-based collaboration service that's been around since 2009. It supplies a very flexible web-based platform for organizing team communication and business processes as well as data and content in project management workspaces. What makes it different to others is that you can add specific business apps to the basic model depending on your project needs. As you may have guessed, GlobiFlow is one of these add-on apps and one that has the ability to transform Podio into a much more sophisticated and dynamic business management system. The app lets you automate key tasks and set up triggers for essential time sensitive actions. You can define flows to trigger when certain events take place, use filters to specify under which conditions they should execute and define any number of actions to perform.   If you've used Podio in the past you will probably be aware that one of its strengths is its amazing flexibility. It is incredibly easy to get started and, as you get used to it, it's simple to add apps and workspaces that you may require.  Many project management apps are packed with features that you'll never use, turning them into behemoths that you don't even want to engage with. Globiflow, on the other hand, is a unique and powerful set of automative tools that actually enhance the Podio concept without weighing it down. The app's developers were determined to automate as much as possible. They began with simple tasks like sending an email when a project goes over-budget but it mushroomed into a flexible Podio Workflow Automation system in it's own right. Soon, it was possible to create workflows to automatically create or update records, assign tasks and send customized email notifications to customers when records are updated. Automated flows can be triggered by day or date, or when a Podio Item is created or updated but they can also be triggered by other flows causing a daisy-chain effect for even more complex scenarios. Flow actions can update items, create new items, assign tasks, send emails, perform complex math, follow linked items and create app references. Globiflow can also be used as a policing system to send out alerts and assign tasks if people do things they shouldn't. When any record in Podio is updated and violates your business rules you will be notified. Workflows will also be triggered when time-sensitive records reach or exceed their target dates. Globiflow gives you visual feedback in realtime by turning any report into a graph or chart to display in any workspace or app, or simply as a dashboard widget inside Podio.   From what I hear, the folks who have been using Podio for a while are pretty happy with it. It's a unique and very interesting concept to use it as a central hub and to add specific apps and workplaces into the equation as you need them. Globiflow for Podio aims to make your business smarter and more efficient by letting you automate many of your business processes and activities. It also gives complete transparency to ensure your compliant rights are adhered to and not being violated. Probably the most eye catching of the app's features though are the image charts. You can quickly convert any report widget into a whole bunch of different graphs and charts to fully illustrate your workspace. Whats more, it makes it look pretty cool, too. Considering the amount of time that could be saved by automating many of your actions - not to mention the protection of your product - plans starting at US$9 a month sounds like a bit of a steal.


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