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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: StepStation

Have you ever wished you had a fairy Godmother to help guide you through the steps of how to do something properly? It could be something as simple as finding out how to restart your mobile phone or even how to tie your shoelaces. StepStation is an education knowledge share tool that has the answers to many common problems and guides you through them with a simple step-by-step interaction.   StepStation is a resource that gives people a place to come and find out how to do things properly. It's focus is to instruct users how to complete tasks and activities step-by-step. StepStation makes for a great interaction between those who want to know and those who already know. With each complete post you will find out how to complete each step in numerical order and,  if available,  there's also an image to illustrate how to complete each particular step. The StepStation database includes answered ‘steps’ and unanswered ‘steps’. Maybe you have the answer to an unanswered 'step.' If you think you have the knowledge about how to complete a task or activity, it's easy to create an account on StepStation and be of great help to others who are searching for answers. There are heaps of categories to choose from including completing assignments, entertainment, religion and even how to ride a bike so there's plenty to get your teeth into.

ConclusionGreat idea! StepStation is a useful knowledge tool that is simple to use and easy to understand. Whether you need to find the answer to a tricky problem or want to offer your own advice on how to change the region code on a DVD player you can sign up for free with StepStation and give or receive advice immediately. Now does anyone have the answer to the worlds financial woes at the moment. If you do I'd like a step by step guide in how to get it right please. Oh and while we're on the subject any ideas how we can find world peace? Seriously though, StepStation is a good idea that can only get better.


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