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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: FutureYear

Just how organized are you? Do you wish you could set up your diary for the rest of the year and have it available online to your friends? FutureYear is kinda an online diary where you can enter all the things you have planned in the future . You can then let your friends know so they can see which concerts you are going to, which holidays you have planned and what you hope to do in the next 12 months and make their own plans accordingly.

FutureYear is an easy to use and fun online diary that details your future plans for the next year. It's perfect for either business or personal use. What better way of getting your business plans known to customers than to have them online for them to peruse at their leisure. You can search for events by date, topic or location to find stuff to do. Equally, if you are looking to find out what is happening in your area or what your friends will be up to, you can easily find out.

ConclusionFutureYear is the third part of the social networking triumvirate. Whereas Facebook has made it's name from people reacquainting themselves with friends from their past and Twitter is very definitely all about what's happening now, now, now - FutureYear is all about what's happening in the future. Maybe it'll inspire you to do some of the things you list and become your inspiration to stop procrastinating and get on with it. Personally I'm aiming for Barcelona by Christmas. Let me just put that in...


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