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the compendium of film sets

Categorizing movies into their individual film sets isn't just a diverse and exciting possibility to look at movies, but also supports filmmakers in their work and helps media scholars with analyzing films as well. The iOS-app setscene fulfills those functions.

Working as a designer/film-maker as well as lecturer, over the years Prof. Schulze has been approached numerous times by professional film-makers who wanted to be inspired by other movies. But who knows straightaway movies which are set e.g. at a gas station, at a cemetery, an attic etc.?

Classifying an ever-expanding number of movies into their specific sets/motivs, helping to analyze the connection between these films and their specific use of space and interior. Thus, serving both as inspiration as well as providing general information. Setscene's developed at the University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe and is considered a research project.

The intentional focus on filmsets accrued from the idea to offer directors, camera operators, production designers and also producers the opportunity to research and identify movies, that are set in a certain film location. This helps to draw aesthetical conclusions. With setscene filmenthusiasts get an innovative way to find movies and to examine them. Media scholars will draw statistical connections and further scientistical acquisitions between categories, locations and metadata of the movies.

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