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#1 Easiest and Most Collaborative eSignature Software Online

AccountSight is a silicon valley based software company with a mission to help companies save time and money and increase employee productivity. AccountSight offers two SaaS products: AccountSight and eSign Genie.

About eSign Genie:eSign Genie is the #1 easiest and most collaborative eSignature software. eSign Genie eliminates the painful process of mailing documents as well as the hassle involved in printing, faxing, scanning and waiting to receive the signed documents. eSign Genie online signature software reduces customer contract signing expenses drastically by eliminating needless mailing, postage and excessive hard paper costs. Most of all, time is money when important contracts and deals need to be closed promptly. With eSign Genie, customers can get documents signed quickly, conveniently and securely.

eSign Genie makes the entire document creation to execution process a breeze. Customers can use eSign Genie for various types of documents such as sales contract, NDAs, employment letters, purchase orders, investor agreements, board minutes, terms & condition sheets, general partnership agreements etc. There are a number of free templates also available within eSign Genie application.

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