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The only anonymous, real-time, location based Social Network

What is Easedrop.in? Unlike most “anonymous” messaging apps, Easedrop.in delivers a truly one-of-a-kind expireience. Because of the lack of accounts, passwords, or even usernames, everyone’s ‘account’ lasts only from the moment they open the app or site till their session is closed. Your only tracked identifier with Easedrop is your location, and the only thing that the world sees is the content. We permanently destroy the content of any drop whose time has expired, while allowing the community to either up or down vote any drop in order to add or remove time to it’s initial lifespan of 6 minutes, ensuring that only the best content for a location says alive and relevant, while the rest just fades away. This allows people to truly express what’s going on around them, ask a question of people at another location, or just explore and see what’s going on around the world this very minute.

We believe that we have the answer to truly free speech in the digital space. Easedrop.in


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