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Connecting Friends and Family

Fameego’s vision is to create a ‘one stop solution for both family and friends’ that would enable family ties to get stronger by keeping the existing social privacy and at the same time keep our friends relation alive reflecting our friendship patterns.

The idea of Fameego was triggered stemming out of a personal and social experience. Looking at the Web 2.0 and social networking boom that occurred during the past couple of years and how people’s lives exist now under a virtual registered username; it makes one wonder what’s next? The next obvious step would be enhancing the existing experience and gathering all the info available online to make a one stop shop for the user.

Fameego’s mission is to provide users with a tangible set of tools that will allow them to easily CONNECT, SHARE and RELATE through the Internet in an innovative and powerful way. This "Connect, Share, & Relate” methodology, is the core business principle driving FAMEEGO’ uniqueness.


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