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Enjoy yourself with your friends profile pictures!

This App will test your ability to put a name to a face by having you match your friends' Facebook profile pictures with their names as fast as you can.

When you see the correct Profile Photo to match the name on your screen, you 'pop' it with your finger.

There are two ways to play. One way is the Name Challenge Mode (Name N'Pop) where you tap a corresponding photo as soon as a friend's name appears. The faster you pop, the faster you score. The second play mode is Letter Beam shot mode (Shot N' Pop), where you can tap a friend, then quickly tap the first letter of his/her first name. Or you may have to tap a letter, then tap a friend whose first name starts with that letter.

Lastly, you can tap a picture and a matching letter at the same time. Game Features -Two gameplay modes: Name Challenge or Letter Beam Shot-Share your gameplay captures to your Facebook timeline or save them to your photo album for further uses.-Share your score on your Facebook timeline -Access to a wide selection of game skins -iPhone 5 Retina display support. -Multiple levels of difficulty


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