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take care of our geek eyes

It's no secret that today many people we spent hours and hours in front of the computer, because today both work and entertainment took him out front of a computer screen regularly. And that's why I want to tell you of Eye Care 4 Us.Eye Care 4 Us is an easy and simple program that will help us take care of our sight, for many hours in front of a computer screen has always been, is and will be detrimental to the health of our eyes.

What makes Eye Care 4 Us is a reminder to us from time to time that we need to take a break for our eyes and so try to make the least possible damage to our sight.

Eye Care 4 Us is available for download and usage is very simple, because we can use the default time is 20-20-20 which rest our eyes for 20 seconds every 20 minutes or set the periods for our needs.

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