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What's it really like to live there?

When searching for the next place to call home, there are many "hidden issues" that are impossible to know about a home before actually living there. Are there pest problems? Problems with traffic noise? It the area safe? Does the landlord respond to maintenance requests? What are the utility expenses?

Revaluate provides information on these and many other issues to help home buyers and renters make a better-informed decision about where to live.

We have collected data from over 2,000 sources, public and private. And for each address, we boil it all down to the things that matter for you. Each address is assigned an overall "livability" score (which breaks down further into four categories: Safety, Environment, Quality of Life, and Expenses).

If you want dig in deeper, you can also see the specific positive and negative qualities about each address that go in to calculating the scores.

Best of all, the service is free. So why not give Revaluate a look and see what you find?