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Download the #1 Social App dedicated to the beard! It's FREE - Try it now It's a well-known fact nowadays that beards are hot! It's not surprising to see why either. Whether a fellow chooses a hot stubble, a smart goatee, or the alluring and tough look of an extravagant full beard, facial hair adds character to a man's face like nothing else. Growing a beard is a commitment... to being awesome!

The Beard App is for you all Beard lovers around the world, wether you are into BILF, BTFU, Beardporn or even Tattoos, you will finally be able to share pictures, tips, product reviews and so much more on our user-friendly mobile application. Connect with beard lovers from all around the world, join the chat wall and integrated social network with advanced features such as private messaging, sharing videos and more... Find the best barber shop or tattoo parlor in your area and be the first to learn about the latest trends. Don't miss events and competitions with our detailed calendar organized by date. Beards are fun: join us and share your love for the beard ;-)


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