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Free3s: Add and sum the numbered cakes in this puzzle game

Free3s: It's a game. It's free. And it's addicting.

In 3 seconds you understand how the game works.In 3 minutes you start getting your tactics.In 3 hours you will still be playing it.In 3 days you will have told all your friends about it.

Free3s is the simplest yet difficult, most straightforward and most graphically friendly game you will ever see. Seriously.

You will quickly jump through the tutorial just to understand that you have to merge together your cakes, with the same number of slices, which will always be multiples of 3. You can also sum together the really small cakes (1 and 2 slices). The goal is to get the biggest cake possible, to get the highest score.

I told you: easy to understand. Yet, irrationally compelling: when you swipe one cake the entire board (you kitchen?!) moves, adding a new one. If the board fills up with cakes the game is over. It's tricky, trust me. You will go insane. And still won't stop playing.

Download it now from the Apple Store and start filling your boring winter evenings with something that will really challenge your mind and imagination.


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