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Fast color change

App Review :Freaking Color, Android App.Everyone

Freaking color is a fun, but also brain teasing game that displays different colors for players to choose from. The color you need to choose are in shown in text, and you choose the right color displayed in the tile.

Just when you think you know the colors, this game changes it all and you feel your brain and your hand are in some kind of dispute. This game increases your adrenaline and up till now, no player is yet to reach the score of 500. A free smart phone give away for players that can send their screen shot of 500 to the game developers.

{How to Play}

1. Read the words and choose the right color.2. You have few seconds to decide on the right color3. Compete with your friends and see who can get to 500 first...

Review about the game from Doy News.

The Freaking color game might seem so easy at the first start as it shows user picking the right colors and you guess your brains understands the color routine until it all changes again and your brain send a signal of a color but your hands disagrees completely with your fingers. Before you could decide what is right, the timer bar is out."

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