Gunship War 3D

Posted on : Sat, 26 Apr Comments(0)

"Gunship War 3D" is an amazing new aerial war game with beautiful 3D action and graphics

If you like flight simulators and war games you found the perfect mix in "Gunship War 3D" as your only goal is to fly a plane through a 3D environment destroying all enemy ships along the way. The game offers three different environments to fight in and you'll get sucked into the 3D feel right away.

Here are some of its features that make it irresistible to aerial fights fans:
+ Easy and realistic control of the airplane with the possibility to choose out of two different control modes (using the gyroscope or swiping on screen)
+ Real sounds for guns and airplane engines give you the thrills you’d get as a real plane pilot
+ Switch between different camera views, either see the plane from above or through the cockpit
+ Lots of guns to fight with: rockets, bombs, machine gun
+ Get armor bonuses during the air fight by destroying enemies fast
+ Fight against old airplanes (level 1), modern F16 (level 2) or against alien ships (level 3 and the toughest)

If you’re into flight simulators / aerial fight games "Gunship War 3D" will be the perfect PC replacement to play. The game is available for free via Google Play ( ) and only shows some small ads during the game.