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Cross traffic! As a turtle!! Slowly!!!

Turttler, the titular turtle, is on a mission to walk really, really far. Just tap the screen to make him move forward by one row. Hold down on the screen to keep moving, or let go to stop. And don’t get hit by the vehicles.

You get one point for every row you cross. Try to rack up a high score! Then share your official scorecard with your friends on Facebook or Twitter!

Turttler is free to download! It comes with one standard level, but you can upgrade the game for a single ~$1.99 USD purchase within the app. Upgrading will give you two more unique levels to play, each with its own special gimmicks! Can you master them all?

* Normal Level – This is the most basic stage. Pass through roads full of traffic without getting hit, and try not to get caught by the raccoons. Go for a high score!* Desert Level – Things are a little different out here in the desert. Namely, things are a little faster. A new creature awaits you between the roads, and the traffic is a little more reckless. Proceed with caution.* Spooky Level – A rather persistent fellow will chase you throughout the entirety of this dark level. The traffic is slower, but now you’re under a different sort of pressure. How will you handle it?

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