Find Marlee and the Diamond Earring

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Fun game of hide and seek with 4 dogs and a diamond earring!

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Join Marlee and her friends in a fun packed entertaining hide-and-seek game.Search for Marlee, her 4 dog friends and a diamond earring. Located on 5 Caribbean beach scenes, on ‘Bone Island’. Watch out for those coconuts, every time you tap a palm tree, they fall out! Find all the characters when the sun is shining and setting, when a storm is brewing and boats and planes continually coming and going!All backgrounds are brightly coloured, with fabulous music to suit each scene. This game is made for kids aged 5 and more, also fun for the Adults. It features progressive difficulty levels, easy medium and hard, with time markers.• Complete all levels to win the narrated children’s Ebook , ‘Marlee and the Diamond Earring’ in English, French, Spanish and Chinese• Never play the same level twice• Zoom in and out.• Use the binoculars to show the area they are hiding, but this adds 5 seconds to your overall time!• Translated into French, Spanish and Chinese.

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