Hip Chicas

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The first Latina themed virtual world for tween girls

Hip Chicas is the first-ever Latina-themed virtual world for tween girls. The site was created because the founders, who have three young daughters, saw that content and brands for girls aged 6 to 14 were filled with all sorts of negative stereotypes and lacked the rich multicultural perspective that is the reality of today.

It seemed to them that after preschool everything fell into two categories: the bling-bling, shop-shop and often inappropriate, or, the teachy, preachy, boring and dull. It was no surprise given these options which one they saw kids choosing. Nothing the founders saw on TV, online or in toys gave any sincere credit to girls’ desires to be adventurous, problem solvers and empowered. It was all stereotypical.

They felt that there was no place online where their girls could go and have a cool gaming experience while making the world a better place. Everything seemed to end at lipstick and nail polish and if you’re lucky, a pet or two. The founders felt that it was high time for a place where girls could express their diverse ideas and opinions and use their skills to take positive action while also being hip, cool and fun.

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