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Build your own Internet!

LinkDoozer is a completely free environment (free of charges, advertising, obligations, spam and downloads) for adding, managing, sharing, viewing and just about anything else with your favorites.

LinkDoozer is intended primarily as a homepage in that it seeks to hold only your genuine favorites and not reams upon reams of links like other social bookmarking websites.

It has a lot of nice web 2.0 features including its own AJAX based browser windows for easy browsing within the homepage environment.

Above and beyond this, it has a social networking component that will help people find quality sites, it makes use of third party widgets to complement its status as a complete homepage. Anything that it lacks in faculties can be added as a favorite and is then accessible at the click of a button.

RSS feeds for user reviews and ratings, note sharing and reviews as well one-click bookmarking are just a few of features Linkdoozer community members can expect.

LinkDoozer is currently in Beta and is evolving and developing rapidly under the auspices of its own community. Definitely one to watch out for…


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