Cupid Arrow Swipe Quest

Posted on : Thu, 28 Mar Comments(0)

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"You Are the Knight in Shining Armour! Can you rescue the fair maiden in Cupid Arrow Swipe Quest?

It sounds simple right? Well, its not! Your brain will be telling you to swipe in the “right” direction for those striped arrows, meaning you will really have to work on overriding your natural urge! The game is one thing though. Fun, fun, fun!

- Three game play modes
- Stunning HD Ready GFX
- Global Leader Board

Featuring three modes: Arcade, Race and Time Attack – something for everyone here. Also includes a global leaderboard so you can check your results with others all around the world. Can you swipe first place? Remember to be that knight in shining armour you have to get swiping. Go on, your fair maiden is waiting for you!

Download Cupid Arrow Swipe Quest today!"