Yahoo! onePlace

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Everything you care about, all in one place

Put your life onto your phone.

Yahoo! onePlace brings together all your interests, passions and important information into a single location, creating a rich, highly personalized experience around it for you. Everything is instantly organized, dynamically kept up to date, and served up to you the way you want.

  • Everything you’re interested in: Because it’s based on a familiar bookmarking process, it will be easy to link practically any piece of content (news feeds, websites, videos, images, emails, search queries, etc.) into Yahoo! onePlace from anywhere across the Internet. It’s also designed to make it a snap to instantly link to all your favorite content that you’ve already personalized on Yahoo!—such as your My Yahoo! feeds, Flickr photos, stock portfolios, etc.—as well as from other popular websites including Digg, YouTube,, Facebook and Google.
  • Your content. The way you want it: Yahoo! onePlace will give you a variety of ways to view information, so you can enjoy it whatever way is most useful to you. Collection, category, pulse and favorites views will offer different perspectives on your content, optimized for what you need from it.

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