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The only app that stops social media updates from going to waste

Instead of publishing your updates just once and then sending them off into social media oblivion like other automation tools, Edgar allows you to build an evergreen and limitless library over time. All of your updates are sorted into categories you create and published on a schedule that you choose, so Edgar publishes what you want, when you want it. No manual scheduling, no busywork, and no hassle.


• Saves every update that you publish in a database, broken down by category (that you create).• Allows you to create unique posting schedules for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.• Schedules posts based on the categories you create, so you can choose what types of updates go out at what times, meaning you can plan for better engagement based on your analytics.• Prevents you from ever running out of social updates since Edgar cycles through content over and over.• Allows you to spend less of your time writing social updates and more of it actually interacting with users.• Prevents updates from going to waste if they don't find their audience the first time they're posted.

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