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Create a website for your business that fits all devices!

Mobile is becoming a huge part of the web. In the past few years we've seen an explosion in mobile device usage. Having a mobile website is almost an absolute must for any serious business owner with an online presence.

Last year in 2012, mobile web usage hit one billion users. That's a huge segment of the web many businesses aren't looking at. In 2013, you need to make mobile a part of your strategy.

We've just released a demo of the Moveelo Site Creator. Moveelo helps you a create a website for your business that fits any screen size on any device. Regular web browsers, tablets, such as the iPad, iPad mini and smart phones are supported by Moveelo.

Moveelo is made extremely simple. It's main strength is ease of use. No coding is required to create a website. You don't need to know CSS, HTML or any other language to start building a professional website for your business.


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